Best Luxury Cars for a Road Trip in the Nashville Area

Red Mercedes and Jaguar Car Rentals in Nashville

Going on a road trip through Nashville can be a wonderful experience for you, your family, and your friends, especially when it includes experiencing the majestic beauty of the fall season! Want to travel in style to make your trip extra special? Renting a luxury vehicle is a great way to upgrade your next road trip. With a fleet of vehicles to choose from, EBC Luxury Car Rentals provide the ultimate comfort and elegance to make your next road trip one for the books. 

Best Nashville Road Trips

No journey is complete without a destination. Here are some beautiful scenic road trips to take in and around Tennessee. Music City is a beautiful place, and the natural wonders and surrounding cities also have so much to offer! 

  • Burgess Falls and Cummins Falls, TN: Tennessee offers many beautiful hiking opportunities and waterfalls, and Burgess Falls and Cummins Falls stand out as some of the most breathtaking. The two waterfalls are less than 20 miles apart, so they’re an easy combined trip away from Nashville. 
  • Chattanooga, TN: Chattanooga is just a two-hour drive from Nashville and packed with fun activities like museums and outdoor experiences. Visit the beautiful Rock City Gardens, the Raccoon Mountain Caverns, or the grand, cascading Ruby Falls for views unlike any other. 
  • Great Smoky Mountains, TN: The Great Smoky Mountains rise on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, offering dense forests, beautiful views of rivers and wildlife, and activities galore, such as hiking, horseback riding, and biking. 

Memphis, TN: Known as “Home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock and Roll,”  Memphis is also known for its history in the Civil Rights movement, making it a culturally rich city also packed with great food and nightlife.

On The Road With EBC Luxury Car Rentals

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Each vehicle available in our fleet would make the ideal vehicle for your next road trip. Some highlights from our fleet include: 

  • 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid: The Avalon’s fuel-efficient performance and safety sensing technology makes it the perfect drive for your next family road trip. 
  • 2018 Audi Q5: The Audi Q5’s technological features make sure that the drive is never a bore. It has a 7-Inch screen, is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make navigation and entertainment a seamless part of the drive. 
  • 2020 Infiniti QX60: The smooth ride of the Infiniti QX60 makes it a dream car for a long-distance drive. With its user-friendly touchscreen system and Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll quickly adapt to taking the Infiniti QX60 out for a spin. 
  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The Mercedes-Benz C-Class marries luxury and safety with its collision-prevention assistance and attention assistance. It also offers great fuel-efficiency and 10.5 cubic feet of cargo space, allowing you ample room for all your baggage. 

Your next road trip awaits. Make sure you set off on your adventure in style by renting a luxury vehicle with EBC Luxury Car Rentals! If you have any questions or wish to schedule your experience, give us a call at 615-693-4373 or contact us via our website.

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